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Assorted Dozen Chicks

Assorted Dozen Chicks


Assortment will include a minimum of 4 different breeds and be chosen based on availability.


Possible breeds include:

Ameraucana BBS


Birchen Marans

Cream Legbar


Fresian Gull (Lemon)


Olive Egger (F1- F2)

Pita Pinta

Tolbunt Polish (Smooth or Frizzle)

55 Flowery

As Available
  • Live Chick/ Shipping Policy


    THIS IS A PRE ORDER.  I may be able to fill your order this week, or I may not be able to fill it for up to 8 weeks depending on my waitlist and demand.  Please message me ahead of time for more information on when I could potentially fill your order.  Text or the website “chat” feature are the fastest ways to reach me. Orders are filled as chicks are available. I am a small flock breeder, not a large hatchery.  I hatch weekly starting our season in February and ending in October or when all orders have been completed, whichever comes first. Customer service is important to me! I am a busy mom working on a busy farm and running a cleaning business.  If I miss one of your communications please reach out to me again.  I am not ignoring you. I just have a short attention span.  

    • Bari Farms is NPIP and permitted to ship live birds across the US. (Hawaii and Alaska please contact me prior to placing any order)
    • I do not ship day old chicks. Chicks will be at least 7 days old at the time of shipping so I have time to make sure they are thriving and strong enough to withstand the trip. 
    • Chicks will ship Monday or Tuesday via USPS EXPRESS mail (the fastest available) Box will include grogel, feed, and either puréed peaches or cucumbers. Heat pack will be included depending on chick quantity, local weather conditions and destination weather conditions. 
    • Live chick shipping is a flat rate of $60 (excluding HI  & AK)  Please select the appropriate rate at check out. 
    • Shipped chick orders require a minimum of 6 chicks and a maximum of 18. (If you are interested in more than 18 please contact me for other accommodations)
    • I CAN NOT GUARANTEE LIVE ARRIVAL OF SHIPPED BIRDS. I will send a video and photos of chicks prior to releasing the chicks to the USPS. Once birds leave my hands I release all liability. I have no control over USPS shipping times and conditions.  USPS provides insurance for any priority express package for up to $100.  YOU will need to file an online claim with USPS and collect in the event of any mishap. Take detailed photos of all sides of the shipping box, any damage, and the deceased birds prior to disposing of them. 
    • I will include 1-2 extra chicks IF they are available. 
    • If you need to cancel an order BEFORE it has shipped there is a 25% fee. The other 75% will be refunded to the original form of payment. 
    • If you are not comfortable paying upfront for an order, but want to be added to our waitlist please contact me. I can add you to the list and send an invoice when your order is ready to be filled.  You will have 24 hours to respond and complete payment or your order will be given to the next customer on the list.  
    • If you MUST HAVE a specific date please contact me as far in advance as possible. 
    • By placing an order you agree to all above terms. 

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