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Assorted Dozen Hatching Eggs

Assorted Dozen Hatching Eggs

Hens choice of hatching eggs. I can not guarantee any breed, but I will try to accommodate specific requests as eggs are available. Assortment will include a minimum of 4 different breeds. 


Possible breeds include:


Birchen Maran


Fresian Gull (Lemon or Silver)

Golden Death Layer


Olive Egger (F1- F2)

Pita Pinta

Tolbunt Polish (Smooth or Frizzle)


    We ship eggs to you via Priority Mail within the continental United States for a flat rate of $22.00. Eggs will be held at the post office for pick-up unless otherwise requested.

    We do not guarantee the hatch rate of the eggs you receive. We do test our fertility throughout the season and will not ship/sell eggs that we would not hatch ourselves. Unfortunately, there are things out of our control like, shipping conditions, weather, rate of egg laying, fertilization, and management of your incubator. 

    Eggs will ship as soon as we can fill the order, and will only ship on Monday or Tuesday to ensure the quickest delivery. 

    We can ship up to 12 eggs in our foam shippers. If you need to order more than 12 eggs, please contact me directly to make accommodations. 

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